Wood Species & Materials

Stained finishes enhance the natural characteristics of wood species by enriching natural graining and color variation. Stain colors range from light to dark tones.

Woodland’s unique Rustic offerings in Cherry, Alder, Walnut, Hickory and Oak are hand selected to have more pronounced variations of their natural characteristics. You’ll find greater color variation, more noticeable graining, and additional knots, mineral streaks, burls and pinholes.


Walnut is a premium hardwood that has long been prized for its rich beauty, warmth and strength. The grain is generally straight and open, but sometimes has wavy or curly patterns. Color can vary from creamy white to light or chocolaty brown, occasionally with darker sapwood streaks. Walnut will “mellow” and lighten as it ages.

Quartersawn White Oak

Quartersawn White Oak is achieved through the old-fashioned method of cutting logs where the logs are first cut into four quarters and then cut on the diagonal from the center of the tree out towards the edges. This method is what gives it a distinctive straight line grain pattern. Quartersawn White Oak will have medullary ray flecks. This ray fleck may appear reflective and lighter than the surrounding grain after it’s stained; these are signature characteristics, not flaws.


Cherry is a rich, premium hardwood. Coloring can range from pinkish brown, white, green or yellow. Cherry typically has sapwood, pitch pockets, streaks and pin knots and will darken with age.


Alder is a hardwood that is lighter in weight and softer than other hardwoods. Alder has a fine, straight grain similar to Cherry and Maple with a uniform honey color. Some tight knots are typically present. Alder stains well across the full color spectrum.


Maple is a dense, straight-grained hardwood with uniform coloring. When stained, Maple can have a mottled appearance and small mineral streaks. Maple will age slightly over time.


Hickory is a strong hardwood with dramatic color variations and grain patterns. Color can vary from white to deep brown in the same piece of lumber, evening out slightly over time. Hickory will have some knots, mineral streaking, pin holes and burls.

Red Oak

Red Oak is known for its strength and stability and has a prominent open grain. Oak ranges in color from white to yellow to reddish brown. Small pin knots and minor mineral streaking are present. Graining may vary from closely knit to a sweeping arch pattern.

Thermo Structured Surface (TSS)

TSS is made to look like a textured surface with greater color uniformity, durability and easier maintenance. The wood grain surface, which is bonded to a engineered core, is less susceptible to humidity and warping. TSS cabinetry is an affordable option that lends itself well to modern kitchens and loft-style living.

Eco Veneer

A sustainable alternative to natural wood, Eco Veneer is a composite veneer that binds wood fibers together and is dyed to mimic the look of natural wood — but with more consistent color and grain pattern. Some variation in grain pattern and color tone is to be expected. Available in both horizontal and vertical grain, the veneer is bonded to an engineered core and edge banded.

Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)

TFL is manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered wood materials. Decorative paper layers are pressed and permanently thermo-fused to particle board. Large steel plates are used in the pressing process to create the surface texture; giving it the look and feel of natural wood. TFL panels have excellent scratch and wear resistance. Available in both horizontal and vertical grain.


Lacquer is dried using UV technology making it extremely durable. The finish can range from ultra-matte to high-gloss. The surface is bonded to an engineered core with a lacquer surface on the front and a matte back. Edges will have either a coordinating or stainless steel PVC edge band. These doors have an antibacterial coating designed to reduce bacteria living on surfaces.

Matte Melamine

Matte Melamine is a hard thermally fused paper/resin coating that is bonded to an engineered core and edge banded. The same material will be found on both the front and back of doors and drawers with coordinating PVC edge band on the sides. Matte Melamine is highly durable and resistant to scratches and staining. It’s available in a variety of natural looking woodgrain, leather, and concrete-like textures. These doors have an antibacterial coating designed to reduce bacteria living on surfaces.