View our extensive collection of Woodland and Artizen finishes.


Reclaimed Patina is an all-natural finish technique that accelerates wood’s natural aging process to give you the look of wood that’s been weathered by the elements. Each wood reacts to the Patina finish process in its own unique way, resulting in greater color tone variations. Reclaimed Patina door finishes darken with age and exposure to sunlight. Available on select door styles in Alder, Rustic Alder, Hickory, Rustic Hickory, Oak and Rustic Oak.





The right style — combined with the right door finishes — brings your vision to life. Select your perfect color from our expansive stain, opaque and glaze finish options. Finish options can be viewed in the Door Selector; pick your door style and see the many options available.


Stained finishes enhance the natural characteristics of each individual wood species by enriching natural graining and color variation. Stain colors range from light to dark tones and enhance the style and feel of your home. Unfinished cabinetry is also available.


Our wash finish fits uniquely between a stain and an opaque. The pigments in this semi-transparent stain are light enough to allow the subtle, underlying wood grain to show through and yet gives a soft wash of color overall. Wash stains are available on Cherry, Rustic Cherry, Alder, Rustic Alder, Oak and Rustic Oak.


Opaque finishes give you flexibility. Depending on the application, opaques can fit any style and by giving pops of color, creating a luxurious feeling, or even give a casually aged appearance. And remember, you’re not limited to just opaques. Mix in stain finishes for a pleasing contrast.

Woodland’s opaque finishes are available on Maple, Rustic Alder, Oak and Rustic Oak. Our opaque enamel finish is a catalyzed conversion enamel applied in a 7-step process to achieve a multi-layer and highly durable finish. An enamel finish is considered one of the hardest in the industry.

Finish options can be viewed in the Door Selector; pick your door style and see the many options available.


Our standard opaque colors have been specifically chosen to coordinate with popular home interior trends.


If you haven’t found your perfect color yet, then let Woodland customize a color just for you. Woodland will match any Sherwin Williams paint color. The options are endless! Contact your Woodland dealer for more details.


Glazed finishes are designed to bring out dimension and depth. Hand applied over the top of your stain or opaque color choice, glazes build up in corners and edges, accentuating the finest details. This effect will also deepen your color choice giving an overall warmer tone. Glaze finishes are especially dramatic on the more detailed door styles. Not all glaze techniques or glaze colors are available on every stain and opaque color.

The images below all have a Glaze applied to Ivory using one of our glaze techniques to produce a unique finish. Finish options can be viewed in the Door Selector; pick your door style and see the many options available.


Without toning the base stain color, we hand apply Accent Glaze to the profiles and recessed areas of doors, drawer fronts and moldings to accentuate edge profiles. Appearance variations and some feathering in the corners may occur.


Woodland uses a hand applied wet glaze that will slightly tone the base color. Our glaze is applied to all finished components and will build in the profiles and corners. This technique is available on select stains and opaques.


For a more soft and subtle look, our Feather Glaze is a delicate technique that leaves you without the heavy build up in profiles and corners. Some slight build-up will occur. Available on select Maple opaques.