6 Rustic Farmhouse Cabinet Ideas


Rustic Farmstead, Reclaimed Patina, Rustic Oak. Design from the Viking Range Showroom in Chicago.

If you love the look of reclaimed barnwood and want to add it to your upcoming cabinetry project, we’ve got you covered with our Rustic Farmstead and Reclaimed Patina products. This product line was developed by an all-natural finishing technique that we created at Woodland Cabinetry. It accelerates the wood’s natural aging process for a weathered appearance and added dimensionality. Each wood reacts to this process in it’s own unique way. We offer it in Rustic Alder, Rustic Hickory, and Rustic Oak. Every option will darken with age and exposure to sunlight, continuing to offer beautiful tonal variations throughout your finished cabinets for years to come.

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Pictured left to right: Alder, Oak, Hickory.

This style has been a huge hit with our clients. They’ve shared amazing projects with us, and we want you to see them too. From kitchen islands, built-ins, to bathroom vanities – the ideas are endless with Rustic Farmstead and Reclaimed Patina.  

Here are 6 Rustic Farmhouse cabinet ideas for your next project: 

No. 1 – Contrasting Kitchen Island

If you’re going for a clean and sleek style with a nod to Modern Farmhouse design, adding just a pop of contrasting Reclaimed Patina can do the trick. We adore the impact that this look has on an island in a bright white kitchen. That look has been used by our designers in multiple homes and is tried and true. Other ways we’ve seen Reclaimed Patina used as a light contrast include: a range hood, floating shelves, or a “backsplash” of shiplap (see No. 4 to see what that looks like in action). 

Rustic Farmstead, Reclaimed Patina, Rustic Hickory. Photo and design: @StraightLineDesign

No. 2 – Color-Washed Kitchen Cabinets

Add a pop of color with our Reclaimed Patina Color Program. Developed more recently, it allows the designer to add hues of blue, red, green, grey, or “whitewash” while retaining that rough sawn texture and look. In many cases this amplifies the beauty and contrast within the woodgrain. As you can see from this example, this is the perfect choice for a colorful cabinet that’s still subtle and sophisticated.

Rustic Farmstead, Reclaimed Patina Stone, Rustic Alder. Photo and Design:  @StraightLineDesign

No. 3 – Rustic Bathroom Vanity

There’s something so cozy and relaxing about a Rustic-style bathroom. The deep hues of this Rustic Hickory bathroom vanity we created looks just like authentic barnwood…but with a little more softness and elegance. Top it off with a big mirror, farmhouse sink, and dark bronze hardware and you’ve mastered the look. 

Rustic Farmstead, Reclaimed Patina, Rustic Hickory. Design and photo by @kitchensbybruce

No. 4 – Shiplap Transition

Okay, okay, we realize this isn’t a cabinet, but this shiplap transition was used on the adjacent wall to the cabinet in our header image. When going for a modern look, it can be nice to have “white space” on your walls. Using shiplap in a matching wood tone is a beautiful way to keep the space open while maintaining interest and texture. 

Rustic Farmstead, Reclaimed Patina, Rustic Oak. Design from the Viking Range Showroom in Chicago.

No. 5 – Kitchen Office Nook 

Too often the kitchen office nook becomes a dark corner of clutter in the home. Make it a place of beauty by creating custom cabinetry with our Reclaimed Patina Finish. We have a variety of Smart Organization products to design each drawer and cabinet to the specific needs of the homeowner. With everything tidy and beautiful woodgrain to match, we’re sure that sifting through the mail with be a much more pleasant task. 

Rustic Farmstead, Reclaimed Patina, Rustic Hickory. Design & Photo: @JuliaZettlerDesign

No. 6 – Bedroom Built-In 

Have a small closet and a lot of clothes to organize? With endless customization options for drawers and shelf sizes, a bedroom built-in will be much easier to organize than a master closet. But adding a built-in to your bedroom doesn’t have to be a purely functional asset. It can be a beautiful design feature – shaping the style of the room. 

Rustic Farmstead, Reclaimed Patina, Rustic Oak.

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