Shifting Paradigms – The New Home Office


Experts say don’t expect millions of people to continue to work from home; expect tens of millions. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted how businesses and workers view working remotely. A recent MIT Study found that nearly 34% of those workplace commuters were now working from home. Factor in an additional 14% of respondents that said they were already working from home and you are looking at nearly half of the U.S. workforce getting their work done remotely.

Now, more than ever, the home office work space is a priority for many. Homeowners who have been mulling over various home projects will begin to prioritize a home office. Some factors to consider:

  • What type of work do I do? A detailed architect that needs ample room for large laid out plans, or a software designer that will have to find somewhere to house his upgraded desktop? Now is the time to perfectly tailor your own work space.
  • Are there multiple people who will be working remotely? Are multiple work spaces needed and how does that fit within the context of the home?
  • Will childcare be a factor? For many, childcare has become a high hurdle to navigate as daycares shutter with the continuing pandemic. For many, working from home isn’t just work, but a constant juggling act between caregiver and employee. Does your new workspace need to incorporate a play area for a child?
  • How do you want to show your personality in your next videoconference or Zoom meeting? Sleek and modern with full-access slab doors or a rustic cottage with our Reclaimed Patina finish. Now is your chance to make your work space a reflection of you!

In order to help break down some of these questions, attached here is a copy of the new Woodland Works idea book. We have put together predesigned, home office ideas in a variety of styles and layouts. The idea book .pdf includes renderings, plan views and 2020 ordering. Ask your dedicated Woodland dealer to log on to to find saved renderings and cabinet lists. Convert to your specific door style and finish and send it in for immediate processing!

In addition to kitchens and baths, now we can promote stylish home office configurations for work and storage. Woodland Cabinetry dealers are in a great position to offer fully customizable work spaces that are highly functional and affordable.

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